Gracia Tenorio


About Me

Gracia Tenorio was born and raised in Mexico, and lives in Canada. She is mother of 2, and is always fascinated by the beauty and calmness of the flowers, the uniqueness of each person, and how we all can contribute to others.

Her portraits are made with colored and graphite pencils, on drawing and Bristol paper.

Gracia has a Masters Degree in International Affairs, and is currently studying History of Art.

My Latest Works

Floral Portraits

Marlyn Golden bubble Woman with Christmas Ornaments Day of the Dead Red Roses Hairstyle Roses Hairstyle Salma Hayek's Nopal, Alcatraz & Roses Hairstyle Marlyn Monroe Wearing Lilies & Roses Woman in Red Sandra Cauffman Wearing Purple Guaria Taylor Swift Wearing Orchids Audrey Hepburn Carolina Herrera Orquideas de Venezuela Elizabeth Taylor Peonies Hair Frida Kahlo Wearing Tulips & Roses

Pencil Portraits

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Frida Kahlo Young Paul McCartney Adoring Toddlers Sidney Crosby Ellen Degeneres Barack Obama Nefertiti Minimalist pencil portrait of Mexican actress Maria Felix Audrey Black & White Custom Portrait of a Boy Portrait of Superman

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